Wondering Why Nani's Esthetics offers the Best Facial Treatment in Town?

It’s a medical grade facial treatment ideal to treat conditions such as melasma, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation among others. Her treatment rejuvenates skin and  has an instant lifting and brightening effect.When the hyperpigmentation has hormonal origins, common believe says it is incurable. However, it can be treated and controlled.

Nani incorporates to her facial treatment the 13-in-1 multi-function facial machine. A suite of the latest technology packed into one piece of equipment. It includes a light chemical peel, micro current, and LED (red or blue) light therapy. The light therapy reduces redness and inflammation.  It improves the skin structure and texture in a safe way.

In addition, you will be pampered with a face massage. Monat Skincare products is used for optimum results. Created to optimize texture and elasticity while minimizing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. MONAT Skincare offers a complete solution for radiantly beautiful skin that inspires confidence at any age. Harnessing the natural power of revitalizing botanical oils, nutrient-rich exotic fruits, plant-based stem cells and a rejuvenating exclusive peptide, MONAT offers the most advanced approach to anti-aging skincare available at Nani's Esthetics and Laser Center today.

Nani take a multidisciplinary approach and while certain procedures work for some, they may not have the same effect on others. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Nani advocate a personal approach where she applies all her knowledge, her 20+ years of experience as General Esthetician, her extreme passion on beauty aspects, dedication on what she does, and most of all...is the LOVE that she has for her clients.


13-in-1 Multi-Function Facial Machine

1.High Frequency - Stimulates circulation of the blood, increases glandular activity, aids in elimination and absorption, increase metabolism, germicidal action, generates heat inside the tissue and aids in deeper penetration of products into the skin.

2.Vacuum - works to suction out the deeply embedded dirt, grease and other impurities and provides deep penetrating facial massage and draws blood to the surface of the skin.

3.Spray - helps achieve thorough cleansing of the skins surface. Great for flushing out the pores after suction and extractions.

4.Facial Brush - cleanses into pores to remove any dirt and debris. Helps accelerate the lymph circulations and remove toxins. Also helps stimulate acupuncture points.

5.Galvanic -Utilizes sonic vibrations to reduce lines, leaving the skin firm.

6.Facial Ozone Steamer - Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. Increase cell oxygenation.

7.Magnifying Lamp - It can make observation cleaner, so acne and dark spots are easily to be found.

8.Woods Lamp - Uses deep violet rays to expose skin conditions that normally are not visible.

9.Skin Massager -Plaster brush for dead surface or coarse skin.

10.Spot Remover - Removes all types of surface skin growths including skin tags, moles, age spots, ruby points, keratosis, cholesterol deposits, and warts. Also removes unwanted tattoos.

11.Hot Treatment -Accelerates both blood and lymph circulation.

12.Cool Treatment -Calming the skin - ideal for use after dermabrasion treatments; it will reduce redness of the skin.

13.Super Penetration Wrinkle Remover - Utilizes ultrasonic technology to soften thrombus and remove erythema, reducing scars after acne has been treated, remove abnormal skin color, decompose abnormal pigment and remove flecks under the skin, prevent/remove wrinkles and extravagate blood, remove "pouch" and "black eye", treat sclerosis.