Laser Treatments

We are here to help you feel refreshed and energized and believe in obtaining true beauty through caring for you, something that we promote.

Nani's Esthetics is very proud to announce it's partnership with Sharplight, the most advanced and innovative laser company that developed and fine-tuned 4 cutting edge technologies- DPC, RF, VermaDerm, and Laser. Used in combination or as stand-alone solutions, Nani's Esthetics will provide you with unsurpassed laser treatment flexibility and exceptional clinical results. 

We provide a wide range of laser services, including skin rejuvenation, hair removal, body contouring and the treatment of vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and acne, all with one machine, OMNIMAX S3.

Our goal is to offer you solutions to reversing the signs of aging and restoring healthy looking skin. We appreciate the opportunity to provide you the perfect experience while we sooth and rejuvenate your skin and body.

With a mission to deliver world class laser skin care in Port Hawkesbury Nova Scotia and Quad Quanties, Nani's Esthetics & Laser Center is opening the doors to a whole new approach that blends laser expertise, a refined sense of esthetics and a culture of caring.

Committed to comprehensive esthetic skin care...Nani, Esthetician and Laser Specialist has undergone rigid training based on new techniques and technologies which are thoroughly tested for efficacy and safety before being offered at her center.

Many salons advertise cheap and discounted procedures, but the best places don't have to resort to discounts. Pick the right expert. Do your homework before signing up for laser services. Protect yourself and your skin by booking an appointment with a trained and experienced cosmetologist or licensed technician only.


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Allow us to take you on a journey through a variety of services, relax with our facials, rejuvenate through our indulgent laser treatments or rediscover yourself & those around you during our services.

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